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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My new ipod shuffle 4th generation

Just traded in my old iPod shuffle(3rd gen) for a new one (4th gen, above). the new one is a lot smaller and has a tiny clip that doesn't feel like it can grip anything, But it can greatly. 
The plus side, its bigger on the inside (3rd gen was 1gb, 4th gen is 2gb) and it has voice over, which tells me the track name and batt. stats whenever I press the button. But, the voice over really struggles with Japanese (even simple) then again, its trying to say japanese words in english, I might switch the voice over language to japanese and see if that is better. 
But here's something Interesting, the ear-phone it came with sound better than the noise blocking ones I got from japan. now if I can just keep the apple ones from falling out of my ear.... which is not working....( I have small ear openings).
 any way, its much better that the old one. I picked great.